Photos from St Michael’s Mount

I think the last time I posted anything here it was photos from my daughter’s wedding. Well, here is something a bit more recent: a few shots from a visit to Marazion today. Sorry about the uninspired layout: perhaps it’s time I thought about finding other ways to do this, as I have about a million and a half photos to catch up with. Photo blogs are really my wife’s area of expertise, so I’ll have to pick her brains.

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Ludlow at Easter

Some photos taken on the way to and from Sunday lunch at the Cliffe.

You can never have…

…too many pictures of the castle…


Small Tortoiseshell

small tortoiseshell

Nothing screams ‘Spring!’ like Forsythia





Dinham Bridge

The amazing thing about Ludlow is …

…that you can be five minutes from the centre and on agricultural land.


Apparently 2 and 7 Dinham were at one time home to an inn called the Harp. What I don’t know is why there is something that looks like a harp inn sign outside 14 Dinham…



Franschhoek is a delightful town in the Western Cape where we stayed for a few days in 2008. Great restaurants, excellent wineries, but best of all are the views of the surrounding mountains.

The name actually means French Corner, the valley having been settled by French Huguenot refugees in the 17th century.

franschhoek lite

David Harley

Mitchell’s Fold

We were hit by a snow flurry hard enough to make it virtually impossible to get outstanding photos of the stone circle itself – at any rate with my little compact – but the light was pretty dramatic and a little Photoshopping has improved some of the close-in shots.

The circle is over 3,000 years old and the stones are dolerite from Stapeley hill. Continue reading

Ludlow sunset

Taken this evening. Sorry, we don’t have a lake in Ludlow like the one in Keswick.

Taken from the side of the castle that overlooks the Teme facing across to Whitcliff, but in this instance I turned almost due West for obvious reasons. I really like the natural frame provided by the leaves, though it’s probably a gambit I use too often.

ludlow sunset

And here’s Mortimer’s Tower, on the same side of the castle, catching the last of the sun.

Mortimer's Tower

David Harley


Sunset, Derwentwater

Some views of Derwentwater around sunset.

derwentwater sunset

And another. The first time I went to Keswick there was much less boating activity on Derwentwater, and I kind of missed that, but at the end of the day there are plenty of  directions to point a camera without including a boat. And I must admit, it’s a long way to walk right round. (So we didn’t!)


And another (with boats) looking away from the sunset, over to Derwent Isle and Cat Bells.


And one looking further South towards Borrowdale.


David Harley