South Shropshire Hills

South Shropshire Hills

January 2013

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Ludlow at Easter

Some photos taken on the way to and from Sunday lunch at the Cliffe.

You can never have…

…too many pictures of the castle…


Small Tortoiseshell

small tortoiseshell

Nothing screams ‘Spring!’ like Forsythia





Dinham Bridge

The amazing thing about Ludlow is …

…that you can be five minutes from the centre and on agricultural land.


Apparently 2 and 7 Dinham were at one time home to an inn called the Harp. What I don’t know is why there is something that looks like a harp inn sign outside 14 Dinham…


Ludlow sunset

Taken this evening. Sorry, we don’t have a lake in Ludlow like the one in Keswick.

Taken from the side of the castle that overlooks the Teme facing across to Whitcliff, but in this instance I turned¬†almost due West for obvious reasons. I really like the natural frame provided by the leaves, though it’s probably a gambit I use too often.

ludlow sunset

And here’s Mortimer’s Tower, on the same side of the castle, catching the last of the sun.

Mortimer's Tower

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World